A highly specialized Technical Office for your personalized projects.

The Modelleria Modini Technical Department is able to provide a “ready-to-use” service and follow its client in all the tooling’s construction steps. Our technicians, with the use of the most updated and advanced CAD and CAM systems, starting from 2D drawing, from the 3D mathematical model or from physical samples of the final component guarantee to develop the project in most efficient way possible, guaranteeing the customer the production of healthy castings.

In order to make the customer’s production process more effective and precise – therefore less expensive in terms of loss of time and casting waste – we offer casting simulation studies and supply assistance during the mold sampling phase in foundry. These are decisive interventions in metallurgical terms, which allow Modelleria Modini’s clients to get a high percentage of shells, core-boxes or moulds that don’t need further adjustments, preventing important economic saving in terms of working hours for the client.

Thanks to the know-how and the experience developed through the years Modelleria Modini is able to offer upon request a casting consultancy service for its shells and moulds. Moreover, the company offers personalised services helping increase the cooperation between the client and the supplier following the client in every phase of the tooling construction.